Fix the Tax Code!

-David makes the case for not extending the payroll tax cuts, but rather fixing the tax code.

Extend the Payroll Tax? No, Fix the Tax Code

David makes the case against extending President Obama’s payroll tax cut.

When Is a Tax Cut Not a Tax Cut?

David explains why the payroll tax is not really a tax at all, and why the temporary cut given by President Obama didn’t work anyway.

Bill Gross Punts; Gives Up Big Return

David points out the difficulty of timing/beating the market by discussing Bill Gross’s gross miscalution about the direction of U.S. Treasuries. David’s advice? Allocate and diversify for long-term success.

Taking the Emotion Out of Investing

-David discusses how to take the emotion out of investing by designing, implementing and sticking to a long-term financial plan. Also, will Ben Bernanke do the twist?

Will Ben Bernanke Do the Twist?

David explains Operation Twist and why it doesn’t pay to worry about the latest Fed “dance craze.”

Taking the Emotion Out of Investing

David talks about taking the emotion out of investing by developing, implementing and sticking to a long-term plan.

Finances: Control What You Can and Don’t Sweat the Rest

David explains the importance of allocating your assets to meet your investment horizon, not compiling debt, and generally managing financial issues you can control.

Predictions, Returns and Estate Planning

-David cautions against putting too much stock in predictions and why it’s so important to stick to a long-term plan including comprehensive estate planning.

Advisor Prediction Comes True!

David discusses the market’s reaction to the debt downgrade and affirms his belief in sticking to your long-term investment plan.

Don’t Chase Returns, Stick to Your Plan

David talks about the potential pitfalls of trying to chase returns by relying on past performance of various asset classes.

Creating An Estate Planning Checklist

David talks about the importance of creating an estate planning checklist and gives tips on putting one together.

S&P Actions Shouldn’t Affect Your Long-Term Plan

-David takes a look at the recent downgrade of Treasuries by S&P, historical returns on the S&P, and why neither should affect your long-term investment plan.

S&P Downgrade Unjustified and Irrelevant

David explains why the recent credit downgrade by S&P was unjustified and why it should have been irrelevant to investors who have and stick to a proper investment plan.

S&P Returns After Large Market Declines

David discusses the history of S&P returns following large market declines.